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Handgun Certificate Class

concealed carry permit classes at northern colorado shooting park

Colorado Conceal Carry 

Handgun Permit Class


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

9am to 1pm and 130pm to 530pm

Basic Rifle Class

Rifle classes at northern colorado shooting park

Basic Rifle Class


Includes Range Time, Books, Materials , Test and Certificate

Basic Shotgun Class

Shotgun Classes

Shotgun Classes

Basic and Home Defense Shotgun Class


Includes Range Time,Books,Materials , Test and Certificate 

Womens Fist Shots Pistol Classes


Students will get the Basics of Pistol Shooting, an extensive lesson in safety, gun handling, the various types of pistols, the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship, 5 shooting positions, several practical exercises on the firing range, cleaning, storage, and a summary of pistol sports and activities. This course is designed for women and taught by women.Private Classes $200

Group Class $95

Gun Safety For Kids


Ages 5 to 14

Guns are in many homes, so they're a very real danger to kids, whether you own one or not. Learn how to talk with your kids about gun safety. 

Students Learn Firearm Safety Rules, and Gun Safety Basics .


Handgun Assessment Testing


Marksmanship Course Pistol: $150

Close Combat Course Pistol or Rifle:$150

Intermediate Combat Course 

Pistol or Rifle: $150

Shotgun Assessment Course:$125

Semi Auto Rifle Course:$175

Includes Targets, Coaching and Test.

Spend one on one time with a professional shooting coach going thru a series of timed and scored target practice (200 rounds or More) to determine your level of firearm skills , marksmanship and continued advancement  drills.